It's only a dream if you do not live it out

Words from Dough the Freshkid who has released two independent Hip Hop/Rap
albums off his own independent label EPC Music Group.

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“If you love that original retro Hip Hop sound, story telling, Boom Bap, urban street, soul music mixed with today’s futuristic sound… you just found the artist who does it best.” -DTFK

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Sunday Service
Black Rome
Still Arlington
We Rich

Solo Artist

James L. Tyler better known by his stage name Dough the Freshkid (DTFK) was born in Gary Indiana but raised in South Central Los Angeles. While most rappers start their career by looking for a record deal, DTFK decided to start his independent label Every Penny Count (EPC). In 2009, DTFK began building EPC Music Group from the ground up.

  • We just wanted to say thank you so much to DTFK Band for creating such an incredible event.
    Martin Stanley
    Business Manager
  • I have never seen such a responsive, immediate customer support service before.
    Steven Kewley
    Envato Customer

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